Happy New Year Everyone!: How The World Celebrated the New Year

I promised my friends that I would put up these awesome pictures from our New Year’s celebration on our Minecraft Server, The World.

Apparently zombies come in two sizes: scary and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO I KILL IT.

Apparently zombies come in two sizes: scary and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO I KILL IT.

Why are we here again? Oh, look! Ham!

Why are we here again? Oh, look! Ham!






Extremely accurate.

Karen Zgoda

UPDATE January 28, 2014: Now available in doll form! Courtesy of reader Deanna Foster who writes, “A very good friend of mine is doing her PhD, and I was inspired by your blog to give her a “Graduate School Barbie” for Christmas. I made some modifications to a barbie I picked up at WalMart. She really enjoyed it – thanks for your blog post!”

xmas2013 A

xmas2013 C

xmas2013 B

UPDATE November 26, 2013: Now available at the USA Today!

UPDATE November 4, 2013: Now available at the Huffington Post!

UPDATE August 8, 2013: Currently this post is at ~300,000 views (298,742 to be exact). THANK YOU INTERNET!

UPDATE December 6, 2012: Folks, I am deeply humbled by the attention this post has received. Here are recent stats:


Welcome!! Over 48,000 of you, most likely current or former graduate students, stopped by to say hi and laugh just yesterday alone. Most of you found…

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I’m back! For now!

So since graduating from Pitt in August, I have not been around much, but here are some updates:

1. I now have a Masters of Library and Information Science! YAY!

I have the piece of paper that I paid A LOT of money for… still hasn’t hit me yet…

2. I got ENGAGED 😀 I never thought that I would get to marry my best friend 😀

Now I get to plan my wedding! … This is already causing arguments with my family… NO CHURCH.

3. I play a lot of video games. Unemployment affords me this luxury, but I do not collect unemployment.

So far I have played: more Fallout, Mine Craft, Skyrim, and… Super Mario Galaxy which I hate.

4. I GOT A JOB! Which I have not started yet… Soon though… soon…

I’m not allowed to disclose any details about it, but I can work from home! Woot!

5. Being a grownup sucks.

Now I get to pay back all of my loans! … -___-

I actually decided to post tonight because I wanted to share some interesting screen shots from a Mine Craft server that I play on:

What are they all looking at?

Wolfies like ham…

This might end badly… FYI this is a shot from the destruction of part of our server that no one played on anymore…

More to come soon! 😀