Happy New Year Everyone!: How The World Celebrated the New Year

I promised my friends that I would put up these awesome pictures from our New Year’s celebration on our Minecraft Server, The World.

Apparently zombies come in two sizes: scary and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO I KILL IT.

Apparently zombies come in two sizes: scary and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO I KILL IT.

Why are we here again? Oh, look! Ham!

Why are we here again? Oh, look! Ham!






Extremely accurate.

Karen Zgoda

UPDATE January 28, 2014: Now available in doll form! Courtesy of reader Deanna Foster who writes, “A very good friend of mine is doing her PhD, and I was inspired by your blog to give her a “Graduate School Barbie” for Christmas. I made some modifications to a barbie I picked up at WalMart. She really enjoyed it – thanks for your blog post!”

xmas2013 A

xmas2013 C

xmas2013 B

UPDATE November 26, 2013: Now available at the USA Today!

UPDATE November 4, 2013: Now available at the Huffington Post!

UPDATE August 8, 2013: Currently this post is at ~300,000 views (298,742 to be exact). THANK YOU INTERNET!

UPDATE December 6, 2012: Folks, I am deeply humbled by the attention this post has received. Here are recent stats:


Welcome!! Over 48,000 of you, most likely current or former graduate students, stopped by to say hi and laugh just yesterday alone. Most of you found…

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I’m back! For now!

So since graduating from Pitt in August, I have not been around much, but here are some updates:

1. I now have a Masters of Library and Information Science! YAY!

I have the piece of paper that I paid A LOT of money for… still hasn’t hit me yet…

2. I got ENGAGED 😀 I never thought that I would get to marry my best friend 😀

Now I get to plan my wedding! … This is already causing arguments with my family… NO CHURCH.

3. I play a lot of video games. Unemployment affords me this luxury, but I do not collect unemployment.

So far I have played: more Fallout, Mine Craft, Skyrim, and… Super Mario Galaxy which I hate.

4. I GOT A JOB! Which I have not started yet… Soon though… soon…

I’m not allowed to disclose any details about it, but I can work from home! Woot!

5. Being a grownup sucks.

Now I get to pay back all of my loans! … -___-

I actually decided to post tonight because I wanted to share some interesting screen shots from a Mine Craft server that I play on:

What are they all looking at?

Wolfies like ham…

This might end badly… FYI this is a shot from the destruction of part of our server that no one played on anymore…

More to come soon! 😀

Opinion: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Trailer

Over the weekend, while Comic Con went through the motions, 343 and Xbox released a trailer for something that Bungie had been playing around with for years: a live action prelude to Halo 4. Forward Unto Dawn caused part of the fanbase to squeal with excitement:

Now this is NOT the first time that Halo has been attached to live action cinema. If anyone remembers the trailers for Halo Reach and ODST a few years ago (CHALLENGE Try to watch them all without crying. I sure as hell can’t. They’re beautiful.):

And finally, the trailer for Halo 4 which was released at E3 2012 was a partial live action:

This is something that has steadily been increasing in popularity for years. I believe that the reason behind this trend has been that when you attach a REAL human face to something, it just makes it easier to relate to them. The emotional and psychological connection which we create becomes stronger when we  are presented with real human faces.

However, after watching the trailer for Forward Unto Dawn, I feel slightly disappointed. It’s like they ripped off Starship Troopers, especially with the NOW KISS scene halfway through. Actually, what I found to be the most disappointing was the whole NOW KISS thing. I hate that! There’s no romance in Halo! KEEP YOUR MUSHY CRAP OUT OF MY HALO 343!


The whole idea of a live action series is titillating as far as Halo is concerned, but this seemed a little slapped together. The acting from what I have seen sucks. Also, why is Master Chief so freaking shiny? Master Chief’s armor isn’t shiny especially since his armor is supposed to have the scars of battle. Plus it makes him look even more bad ass.

Seriously, it’s odd that I like the short live action trailers better than Forward Unto Dawn. It’s the promise of a brand new dimension in the Halo universe, but I feel let down by it. It’s just now as gritty as the other ones. What happened 343? Seriously?

So what are you thoughts on Forward Unto Dawn? Are you happy with what you have seen so far or do you think that 343 has some room for improvement? Tell me in the comments below.


343 may have “plans” for a high def Halo 2

So I know that ya’ll remember the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition which was released by 343 last year. Today, Kotaku is reporting that 343 may have plans for a high definition Halo 2.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK says that 343 Industries, maker of last year’sHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (and, of course, this year’s all-new Halo 4), has similar plans for Halo 2.

“Following the success of remake Halo Anniversary, 343 Industries has now started development of Halo 2 Anniversary,” the magazine says in its rumors section. No sourcing or other details are given.

Asked about the rumor, a Microsoft spokesman told Kotaku: “Our focus right now is on developing Halo 4. Beyond that, we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

If they are going to remake Halo 2, I think that many of us will be on board. The original Halo 2 was chock full of cutting edge graphics when it was released by Bungie back in the early 2000s. While the game has aged well, it would be nice to see it with high definition graphics. It would be like breathing new life into it.

So, do ya’ll agree? Or do you have other opinions?