Skyrim DLC released and ME3 Extended Cut

I’m gonna keep this one short guys. I’ve been sick lately, so I haven’t had a whole lot of online time, but here are my take-aways from this week in gaming:

This week was a relatively big week in the world of video games. The new Skyrim DLC was released and so far I have heard some good things about it from friends. So far I have found that the main concerns are “OMG VAMPIRES” and “should I be a vampire or should I stay with the Dawnguard?” I don’t know. I’m not hear to tell you what to do, but so far reactions have been mixed.

What I do know is that this DLC was even bigger than any of the DLCs released for the past two Fallouts. That should add A LOT of hours to your play time. This is what a proper RPG expansion should be like.

Finally I want to address the fact that BioWare finally released the extended cut of Mass Effect 3. The general consensus has been “Too Little Too Late” or tl;dr on the ME3 revisions, which is understandable. BioWare really left its fans unhappy and on top of that it gave them what they wanted entirely too late. Many of you have stopped caring.

Still, it looks PURTY:


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