Halo 4 at E3 through the eyes of 343

I want to start out by saying that I am a Halo fangirl. I get overly excited about Halo anything. For example, not too long ago my boyfriend and I invested in Turtle Beach Headsets to help us with our game play. When we brought them home and started playing Reach, we realized that all of our friends needed them too, so we bought a set for one of our friends for his birthday and have been prodding our other friends to get them for themselves. They make playing Halo so much better to the point that when the loading screen for Reach comes up, I cry a little.

So now that ya’ll are thoroughly creeped out, I want to share a video that 343 released recently of their experiences at E3:

343 at E3 with Halo 4

While I did, and I quote here, “cry like a little bitch” when Bungie left, I am still excited about Halo getting a make-over.

I play with a Guild or Clan called the “Atomic Wranglers” and I have to admit that when I polled them before and after E3 their reactions were worlds apart.

BEFORE E3 we were all a little whiny about what the rumor mill was saying about what was going on with the next Halo. We kept hearing and reading that it would be more like Call of Duty (which all of us make fun of btw) and that our favorite multiplayer mode, Fire Fight, would be scrapped.

AFTER E3 we’re all a little happier. The Halo 4 presentation was amazing and we’re  all excited about how 343 is reinventing and bringing new life to the game. While we will all miss Bungie, we are looking forward to the future and I hope that ya’ll will join me in looking to the future too.

What are your reactions post-E3 to Halo 4? Do you feel better or worse about the changes being made to it? Tell me in the comments below.


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