Top Five Games of E3 2012

5. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard

Skyrim has been the big kid on the playground this year as far as gaming for the PS3 and XBOX360 go. Therefore the new Skyrim DLC trailer was anticipated to hold that position for Bethesda during E3. Unfortunately, I feel like it left a lot to be desired. While this was a highly anticipated trailer it was rather lackluster in my book. Blood and gore, creepiness, guy with a foreboding voice and wow cool you’re riding a dead horse… yeah not my cup of tea. For me it just seemed like more the same with Skyrim. Now don’t get me wrong, Skyrim is great, but this trailer left me almost as disappointed as the Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts DLC. I was seriously psyched for this trailer, but it feels like a let down.

Overall it’s very short and while it does do a good job with creeping us out, it doesn’t make me want to pick up Skyrim right now to play it. It all seems like more of the same to me and that’s why it’s number five on my count down.

Oh and by the way, Kinect will be incorporated into this DLC. Joy…

4. Dishonored

Based on the steam punk trailer alone, Dishonored is looking pretty creepy. Bethesda has promised us good things before and while there are still a lot of unknowns about it, Dishonored has been called the Dark Horse of E3. It’s something that was unexpected from Bethesda. While this developer is known for its first-person RPGs (Skyrim, Fallout 3), it was originally thought that it would unveil the next Fallout (possibly the MMO), but when Dishonored was announced a few weeks prior to the show, fans were stunned.

Dishonored has the potential to be put up for game to the year if its trailer has anything to say about it, but we will have to wait and see until its release in the Fall.

3. Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III has been long anticipated. It has actually been in development for three years meaning that Ubisoft has spent a good deal of money on it. Hopefully, the trailer is telling of things to come with the game play.

Anyway, AC3 will not be set in Europe this time. This is a first this well-established franchise as it moves through time to the American Revolution. We are introduced to what appears to be a Native American youth fighting to protect his land and his people. In this trailer, he appears to be fighting for the American’s best interest as he decimates a large band of Brits. Everyone knows who ends up winning the war in this case, but this adds another dimension to the fight.

Based on the trailer, AC3 is promising. By adding some dimension to a well known section of history, it is sure to stick in the minds of many gamers until its release date in October.

2. Watch Dogs

So I’m going to break down Watch Dogs into two trailers since it’s the new kid on the block here. The first trailer is an introduction to the whole concept to the game and the second is a game play demo.

Everything is controlled by computers in the world of Watch Dogs and as a hacker you can hack into anything at any time.

But what is truly revolutionary is that this game runs on a new engine, an engine that we as gamers did not think would be introduced until the next generation of gaming consoles. This game features Unreal Engine 4 developed by Epic. This is part of the reason why Watch Dogs has received so much press during E3. Overall it makes the game feel more real than any which we have seen previously.

Overall what is even more revolutionary about this game is that it has not even tied itself to a single console yet. It has not even limited itself to the console world and the developer says that he would even be willing to put it on the iPad. This is a huge plus for me considering that I get a little mopey when I see a hot looking game and its not for my console.

The reason why I have chosen Watch Dogs as my number two is mostly based on the first trailer. The premise that it sets is highly realistic for the world that we live in today. As an information scientist, it amazes how much of our private information ends up online today. Your medical records, social security number, phone number, address, SAT scores, etc. are all on some sort of network connected to the internet. There is so much information out there about you that it’s not even funny and Ubisoft is able to piece some of my greatest fears into a video game.

For more about Watch Dogs, click here.

A hacker who can hack anything at any time… This game is promising.

1. Halo 4

While I have seen some amazing live action Halo trailers before, this one blew my mind. I mean literally blew it away. If anyone sees it floating around out there, email me so I can get it back. Anyway, from the very beginning this trailer has your attention. At first, you think “Holy crap the graphics are amazing!” and then you realize that 343 has gone live action on this one. It’s odd, but the fact that there are real people in it makes you want to watch it even more. The CG mixes with live action in a practically flawless manner in this trailer. What also mixes well is the voice over about peace and prosperity while the gigantic frigate and its crew is pulled to pieces. On top of all that, we get to see actual game play so Halo fans can actually figure out how this new game will stack up against all the others.

Seriously, this is my favorite trailer from E3 and it’s not just because I love Halo. The trailer is just all around well done considering that the entire Halo franchise was recently picked up by another developer.

What really gets me about this trailer is that we, the players, are introduced to a brand new mysterious enemy who we have never met before. At first we are led to believe that our enemy will be the same old familiar Covenant, but we are soon proven wrong when creepy birdlike things begin shooting fire at us. We are also introduced to s new weapon and new armor features.

This trailer shows us the shiny new future of Halo, which is what E3 is all about to begin with: The shiny new future of video games.

Feel free to dispute me in the comments section below, but for me, these are the Top Five Trailers of E3 2012.


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